The Olde Pink House

A historic mansion that is now a restaurant, known for its classic Southern cuisine, elegant decor, and spooky ghost stories.

The Olde Pink House is one of the most iconic landmarks in Savannah, Georgia, and is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the city’s history and culture. Built in the late 18th century, the house is a prime example of Georgian architecture (click here), and is known for its distinctive pink color, which has earned it its nickname.

Originally built as a private residence, The Olde Pink House has served a variety of functions over the years, including as a bank, a law office, and a tea room. Today, it is home to one of Savannah’s most popular restaurants, which serves up a mix of traditional Southern cuisine and modern American dishes.

The restaurant at The Olde Pink House is a favorite among both locals and tourists, and is known for its elegant atmosphere, attentive service, and delicious food. The menu features a wide variety of dishes, ranging from classic Southern favorites like fried chicken and shrimp and grits to more contemporary offerings like grilled salmon and roasted pork tenderloin.

One of the most popular items on the menu at The Olde Pink House is the She Crab Soup, which has been named one of the best soups in America by USA Today. Made with fresh crabmeat, sherry, and cream, the soup is a creamy, savory treat that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

In addition to its restaurant, The Olde Pink House also features a number of private dining rooms and event spaces, which are perfect for weddings, business meetings, and other special occasions. The spaces are elegantly appointed, and offer stunning views of Savannah’s historic district, making them an ideal location for any event.

Throughout the year, The Olde Pink House also hosts a variety of special events and activities, including live music performances, wine tastings, and holiday celebrations. These events are a great way to experience the house and its history in a unique and engaging way, and are a must-see for anyone visiting Savannah.

One of the most fascinating things about The Olde Pink House is its rich history and connection to Savannah’s past. The house was originally built by James Habersham Jr., one of the city’s most prominent citizens, and has played a significant role in the city’s history and culture ever since, click for more details.

Today, The Olde Pink House is a beloved institution in Savannah, and is a testament to the city’s rich heritage and culture. With its stunning architecture, delicious food, and rich history, it is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Savannah, and is sure to provide a memorable experience for all who visit.