How To Safely Do Your Own Roof Repair And Keep The Money You’d Be Paying Someone Else

Would you like to know how to do a good roof repair without having to rely on hiring someone?

If you do, read on…

When it comes to having a good and resistant home exterior, your roofing plays a very important part in it.

Your roofing will always take the worst part, as it always is under the constant pressure of bad weather such as heavy rains, hail, strong winds and harsh sunlight.

Sometimes this extreme weather just is too much for your roof to handle and will eventually cause it to tear down as a consequence.

Not only that but, as your roofing gets older it will be more susceptible to receive damage and the need for a roof repair will be more and more frequent.

Depending on how big is the damage your roofing has suffered, you might want to consider hiring an expert to do the roof repair for you as this could potentially be a very exhausting and dangerous task.

However, if the damage is very minimal it could be more beneficial doing the roof repair yourself as this will save you money.

But, if you’re planning to do your own roof repair make sure you follow these 5 tips you need to know before doing your own roof repair.

#1 Take the precautions needed for a roof repair

Doing a roof repair will require you to get on top of your roofing which can get pretty dangerous especially if it has been raining the days before.

Make sure to utilize shoes that can prevent you from slipping while you are doing the roof repair as well as gloves that can help you create friction in case you slip.

It is also very important that you utilize a good ladder that doesn’t swing so you can safely climb to the top of the roof and do the required roof repair.

#2 Try to get someone to help you with the roof repair

Having someone to give you a hand with a roof repair can be an incredibly useful thing to have, an assistant is able help you finish the roof repair faster and safely.

Even if you can just get 1 person to help you with this it can make all the difference in the world regardless if they know how to do a proper roof repair or not, they should be able to help you in other ways such as holding your ladder steady or even call for help if anything goes wrong. If you can’t find someone to help it would be wise to search out a local roofing company.

#3 Begin the leak search

The simplest way of finding leaks is to mark them during a rainy day, then wait until the rain has passed and the water dries and then climb to the top of the roof, have someone inside of the house tap on the leak until you are able to find it and proceed to do the roof repair.

Another way of finding leaks is to spray your roofing with a hose and have a person inside of the house tell you where the water is leaking so you can spot where the leak is. However, be very careful when doing this as the roofing can get pretty slippery and might cause accidents especially if you are working with snowy weather in which case calling an expert to do the roof repair is recommended.

#4 Inspect your gutters

Clogged gutters are one of the most common causes of leaks, when a gutter gets clogged the water starts building up and eventually overflows sending the water either to your roofing or your siding.

Always remember to check if gutters are clogged and clean all the leaves, sticks and debris to stop your gutters for clogging again in the future. If you find yourself often dealing with clogged gutters, consider investing in a pair of gutter guards as this will significantly reduce the frequency and difficulty of the cleaning.

#5 Check the state of the shingles

While you’re standing on the roofing, look for shingles that are either missing or show signs of prolonged wear and tear such as curling, buckling or cracked.

It’s important to replace these shingles for new ones because if left ignored they could potentially break and expose the roof leading to even more leaks.

By simply following these 5 tips you should be able to safely do your own roof repair.

However, depending on the weather and how damaged the roofing is, hiring someone is still recommended. Never try to do a roof repair on a roofing that is either wet, has ice or very loose shingles, if you notice this on your roof climb down your ladder and call an expert, it’s not worth the risk.